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  1. Small Bug Problems Can Turn Into Big Bug Problems

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    One of the reasons that Results Pest and Termite recommends an ongoing professional pest protection program is because singular treatments only address some of the issues you might be experiencing in very isolated instances. Given that Arizona home owners are building our homes in areas that are typically also home to so many types of pests, it requires constant vigilance to ensure your home stays pest free. This is also the reason why so many DIY pest treatments ultimately don’t solve your problems in the long run.

    The Food Chain – Some Bugs Mean Other Bugs Are Right Around the Corner

    You might look at minor problems like Silverfish, Crickets and the occasional Roach as no big deal. And while these bugs don’t always freak out everyone that sees them, these bugs are however an important food source for the bugs you absolutely do not want in your home, such as centipedes, black widow spiders, wolf spiders and scorpions. These bugs can be a major nuisance to both home owners and especially pets and small children. In most cases these insects will not outright kill a human unless they are allergic to the toxins in a bite or sting, they can cause severe pain and hospitalization.

    By eliminating relatively harmless bugs that don’t typically bother most people, you are actually removing the top of their food-chain from selecting your home or yard as a source of food. What does not get eliminated with our ongoing pest control treatments will simply move on to areas that can sustain them.

    Looking to Get Rid of Your Bug Problems?

    If you are a Tucson resident looking to eliminate those potentially life threatening pests in your home, give us a call today! Our friendly staff can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can help your home feel like a place you can relax in. You can reach our pest control hotline at 520-413-5415. And don’t forget to ask about what pest control specials we have!