Tucson Bee and Wasp Removal

Please: as a home or business owner, do not try and remove bees or wasps yourself. This can be incredibly dangerous and requires certified professional assistance that have the tools and training to remove bees and wasps safely.


Whether you are dealing with basic honeybees or what has been coined as a “killer bee”, we can help. At present, nearly 95% of all honeybees in Arizona have been Africanized, so you likely have not encountered a variety of bee that isn’t considered an Africanized bee. This means that they are really not any more or less dangerous than standard bees, and the same considerations need to be followed when it comes to removing them or being stung.

There is nothing you can do to prevent swarms of bees taking refuge on your property while they are in transit. You can however ensure that they do not see your home as a place to permanently set up a hive by taking basic steps to fill cracks, crevices or other areas that bees naturally like to build their hives.

Bee stings in general are not normally dangerous unless there are multiple stings taking place, or if the person being stung has an allergic reaction. If you have sustained numerous stings, it’s recommended that you seek medical help. Seek urgent help if you or someone you know has been stung and has a history of an allergic reaction.

If you find a bee hive or swarm on your property, please leave them alone. Call Results Pest and Termite today and we can help determine the next step to properly treat your home and remove the bees. Your safety is the most important thing. Treatment requires special precautions, tools and techniques and in many cases if not done properly can result in immediate resurgence of bees in or around the home. It’s important to remove bees that have invaded the home as well because as they build their hives it can do progressively more damage to the structure of the home. To learn more, you can view our Pest FAQ section.


Determine the type of wasps around your property goes a long way to determine the risks to your family and how best to treat them. The two major varieties of wasps you’ll find in Tucson are Western Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps.

Yellow Jackets are a social, ground nesting species that often moves into abandoned existing nests or burrows. They can also choose areas in between walls and attics These types of wasps prefer waste, insects and spiders as their primary food source and carry that back to their nests to feed the rest of the colony. Only females are capable of stinging while the males only look scary.

These types of wasps are very protective of their nests and will sting people or pets that they view as as threat. They are especially active in late summer when their natural food sources begin to decline, which is also went humans are largely enjoying the outdoors as the evenings begin to get cooler.

Paper Wasps are the types that most people see building the larger paper honeycomb that hangs from homes. These types of wasp include the yellow paper wasp, Navajo paper wasp and the Arizona paper wasp. Interestingly, these wasps are also natural pollinators and actually do benefit local plants. These types of wasps to not sting their prey but rather use powerful mouthparts to chew prey into pieces that are fed to the larvae in their nests. They do however have stingers and will sting humans when threatened so keep your distance. They are not typically aggressive and will only sting when their nests are disturbed.


We’re here to help!

Whether you have bees, wasps, hornets or other flying insects that can sting you, we are your best local provider of bee and wasp removal in Tucson. Results Pest and Termite are your local Bee and Wasp removal experts. Just give our friendly technicians a call today and we can come to your home or office, inspect your flying insect problem and provide treatments and removal quickly, effectively and provide a guaranteed solution!