Simple pest control plans with no long-term commitments. High quality, affordable and professional. Plus, completely backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you’re not happy, we’ll hand you your money back no questions asked!

Our Pest Control Subscriptions - No Contract Required!

Our most advanced pest control treatments as a monthly subscription where our professional pest control technicians will be at your home every other month, or as often as necessary to keep your home as free from pests as possible. We’re using advanced, time release products that keep your home pest free all year long. Plus, any pests you see in and around your home will get rapid immediate service at no additional cost to you.

Advanced Pest Control

Using the most up to date industry methods to maintain a protective barrier around your home and yard

Starting as Low As:
$ 43 per Month*
  • No Contracts
  • Monthly Subscription
  • 6+ Visits a Year
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Intensive Initial Service
  • Extended Scorpion Barrier
  • Rodents (Mice and Packrats)
  • Termite Control & Warranty

Complete Pest Control

Our total peace of mind service that includes our Advanced Pest Control and Termite Protection

Starting as Low As:
$ 57 Per Month*
  • No Contracts
  • Monthly Subscription
  • 6+ Visits a Year
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Intensive Initial Service
  • Extended Scorpion Barrier
  • Rodents (Mice and Packrats)
  • Termite Control & Warranty
Best Value!

* Initial pricing based on a 2500 square foot or less sized home. Your total home size may affect pricing slightly. Please call our office today for an exact amount based on your treatment area!

** Termite Control includes unlimited spot treatments for subterranean termites as deemed necessary by our certified technicians.

Individual Pest Control Services

FREE Termite Inspection

Buying or Selling a Home? Or Think You May Have Termites? Get Our Completely FREE No Obligation Termite Inspection Today!

FREE Bedbug Inspection

If You Think You Have Bedbugs, Call Results Today! Bedbugs Require Professional Help and Our Trained Technicians Will Be Over Shortly!

One-Time Mosquito Control Treatment


Full property coverage to rid your yard of mosquitoes on every level that they grow to ensure that your home stays mosquito free during those active months!

Initial Total Home Pest Treatment


Many companies charge hundreds of dollars to start pest control, at Results, rest assured all of our rates are more than competitive, they are fair.

Specialized Services

Starting at $125

Not Looking for Monthly Protection? We Offer Complete Whole-Home Pest Control Services That Are Designed to Rid Any Property of Most Pests as a Single Service. Call us to get pricing for your issue at 520-413-5415.

Please Note: Our One-Time Treatments are priced based on a 7500 sq.ft. lot by default. If you have a much larger property it may require additional product costs to ensure we have the volume of your lot.


Benefits of our Bi-monthly Advanced Pest Control

Complete Home Barrier
Our industry leading chemical barrier is the modern standard used around the immediate and extended perimeter of your property and is your best line of defense to ensure that bugs do not come into the home. It’s weather resistant and eco-friendly.

Friendly Faces
We are your local Tucson professional bug pros for your home and yard, using best-in-class techniques including Integrated Pest Management to ensure you experience a pest-free life. We’re locally owned and operated, and our friendly technicians treat our customers like family!

Our professional licensed technicians are highly trained and always on the lookout. We are able to identify evidence and clues that allow us to catch and correct issues before they turn into problems. We are always on the lookout for the insidious and unlikely ways that pests can invade your castle. We provide the ongoing defense necessary for your tranquility and peace of mind, guaranteed.

No More Scorpions
If you hate spiders or scorpions, then we’ve just become best friends. We use specific additives and formulations that have been engineered to kill difficult pests such as scorpions and all varieties of spiders.

Additional benefits that come with our Bi-Monthly Complete Control

Protection against Rats and Mice
Common Rats, Packrats, and Mice, establish a territory and can become a nuisance over a short period of time. Chewing and nesting causes major damage to air conditioner wiring, pool equipment, and personal items. We will place and monitor tamper resistant Rodent Bait Stations to help keep the population at bay. Rodents commonly find their way to the bait and expire before they can do harm to your stuff. If you get a mouse in the pantry, we’ll take care of it! For Good!

Termite Inspection, Control & Warranty
We all know how relentlessly destructive termites are. As part of your Complete Pest Control subscription, we will include regular inspections and unlimited spot treatments as our technicians deem necessary to ensure that your home remains protected. We will warranty your home against subterranean termites for the life of your subscription.

Total Protection
While we aren’t magicians that eliminate pests from your home with a wave of a wand, we’re the next best thing. Starting on day 1 you will see fewer and fewer pests until your home is completely pest free. Our protection provides cumulative results with ongoing service.


This best-in-class and industry standard pest control service is based on a monthly payment program, but our actual service routes include treatment and inspections every other month (roughly every 60 days). The primary reason is that all of our pest control products and methods are effective for a full 60 day cycle. Performing this treatment every month simply isn’t necessary. However, if you are having a bug problem during your service, you can always call our technicians out to address the problem at no additional cost!

As a subscription based program, we’ll simply invoice you each month just like any other subscription you might have such as internet or Netflix.

It’s not strictly required because the focus of our treatment is to protect the exterior of your home in order to create a barrier to prevent bugs from coming into your home.

The day before your scheduled service, you will be notified that a technician will be at the home. Our certified technician will also knock on the door and notify you of their arrival.

If there is a treatment that specifically requires us to come inside the home we will set that up with you on an individual basis just to ensure that you will be home and comfortable with a technician handling those inside issues.

Our first service will be more in-depth as we recommend treating the interior of your home as a part of our initial treatment. After this initial service, we’ll see you roughly every other month for a regular treatment and you will see pests completely disappear from the property.

You bet! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you aren’t happy, we’ll come back and solve the issue. If you’re still not happy, we’ll hand you your money back. No hassles, no questions asked. Our priority is to fulfill our promise of a pest free home at an affordable price and we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are.

Absolutely. Our dispatching office will send a friendly reminder to all of our residents and business owners receiving service so that you know we’ll be coming out. This notification can include text, email or phone call based on your preference.

Our ongoing Termite Control included in our Complete bi-monthly plan includes unlimited spot treatments for subterranean termites as deemed necessary by our certified technicians.

Once we have established that you currently do not have termites invading the home or we have completed the initial preventive or corrective treatment to KEEP them out of your home, we offer a one year guarantee that if termites show up, we will take care of them at no additional cost as deemed necessary by our certified technicians.

Please call our office if you have any questions at all to get details of pricing, limitations and more.