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Spiders are one the most diverse pests you will find in Tucson. From common house spiders to potentially lethal black widows, identifying the species of your particular spider problem require a different approach to eliminating them. Spider infestations also greatly depend on where you live and the surrounding habitat that they might be thriving in.

How Harmful Are Spiders?

In most cases, the types of spiders we see in our homes or offices are largely harmless. While almost all spiders can potentially bite you, very few can cause any real harm to humans. Even larger spiders such as the wolf spider, which is found throughout many Tucson homes, try to avoid humans and stick to places they can hide.

That isn’t to say that we simply don’t want them around, and there are plenty of people that suffer from genuine arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, that creates moments of intense panic. As we sleep we can also be bitten by spiders, which can become a major annoyance.

Of course spiders such as black widow spiders are not harmless at all and can actually be quite lethal. Luckily it’s extremely easy to spot these types of spiders with their distinctive black body and hourglass decoration, and they usually are solitary spiders that keep well out of the way of humans. But be very careful when cleaning out attics or garages because these are places black widows seek out to build their webs. A bite from a black widow can cause severe muscle pain, cramping, and nausea in healthy adults. You should seek immediate medical care for a bite involving infants, the elderly, or those with a compromised immune system as black widow bites pose significant health risks to these individuals. If you would like to learn more, you can visit our pest FAQ section.

General Spider Tips

Beyond treating your home to actually kill spiders, the primary way to deter spiders from your home is to keep areas free of clutter where they can easily hide. Garages that are packed with boxes, shelves that are overflowing and large areas in your yard such as wood piles are where spiders look to build homes.

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