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Termites are one of the most costly and destructive forces that can damage a home in Tucson. We’re blessed with remarkable weather and an absence of natural disasters other than the infrequency of strong monsoon storms. The real danger is the hidden threat that comes from below: desert subterranean termite.

The termite removal professionals at Results Pest and Termite are here to make sure your Tucson home isn’t another statistic when it comes to termite damage. Our proven process that has been successfully treating existing termite infestation and protecting against termites has been keeping Tucson homes safe for over 20 years! Our work is 100% guaranteed with a written warranty and we even offer a completely free termite inspection.

Did You Know?

Most people don’t know that termites are so common in Arizona (more specifically in lowland desert areas like the Tucson), that all new homes are required by law to receive a preventative pretreatment before the foundation of the home is even poured. There is no question that termites will invade your home. It’s only a matter of when and what you proactively do to stop them.

The Southwest desert has one of the best climates when it comes to helping termites thrive.  Our ground structure is perfect for your colony construction, the dry and hot temperature is ideal for growth, and our rainy season provides large amounts of resources for colony expansion.  The cherry on top are the hundreds of thousands of homes that provide an endless supply of food!

Why Is It Important to Handle Termites in Tucson Quickly?

As insane as it sounds, Termites are responsible for over 5 billion damage to homeowners each year.  The subterranean termite species found in ground all around Tucson is relentlessly persuing the materials that our homes are made out of.  Even a steel framed building contains drywall interior walls, which are excellent food for termite colonies.  The professional Termite Extermination Team at Results Pest & Termite know how quickly a colony can establish and grow, and we’re ready to provide free inspections to make sure you keep your home safe.  We understand that no one wants to pay yet another fee for something like termite extermination, but trust us – the alternative is expensive damage to the structure of your home.  Termite Extermination and Termite Warranties are two services that Tucson home owners simply can’t afford not to purchase here in the Sonoran Desert!


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I Might Have Termites, Now What?

The first step is to do an inspection of your property – look for what appear to be tubes connecting the soil to your home.  If you notice tubes near the base of your property, or perhaps you haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 5 years, we recommend giving us a call. 

Our Tucson Termite Removal Specialists will show up and give you a 100% FREE inspection to confirm the severity of your termite problem (if any).

If you already have termites, it’s essential to immediately stop any further damage occurring to the home by neutralizing the threat and protecting your home from future incursions.

Get the peace of mind knowing your home is protected and not being slowly eaten away from the inside by termites with our free inspection, and if necessary take action with an affordable and professional treatment that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed in writing.

I’m Buying or Selling a Home

Every home that is sold or bought will include a termite inspection as part of the sales process. If you’re getting ready to sell your home today, we recommend getting started with a treatment before you put the home on the market because it will immediately eliminate this factor and build immediate confidence with the new home buyers.

As the home owner, you are entitled to use any provider for this service. By electing to use a local provider that has a proven track record, you can hand the new home owners our written guarantee that ensures their home is safe from termite damage.

Inspect Your Home!

If you can’t remember when your previous warranty has expired or not, or simply can’t remember the last time a professional termite treatment was done, we’d recommend that you take a moment to inspect your property. This should take just a few moments to do a quick overview around the parameter of the property to see if you can identify any signs that termites might be attempting to infiltrate the home.