Tucson Ant Extermination

Ant Extermination can be a tricky (or sometimes sticky) business!

Ants can be a huge pain to deal with. They’re constant foragers for food, and depending on how they are able to access your home, it can seem like they’re impossible to get rid of. The professionals at Results Pest and Termite are ready to help you deal with your ant problem right now and exterminate your ants for good!

Why Are There So Many Ants?!

Ants and Arizona are like chocolate and peanut butter. They’ve adapted extremely well to our environment and can quite literally pop up a colony anywhere. Unfortunately for us, they like to build colonies where they can find resources – our back yards! Ant extermination can require a keen eye and knowledge of how ants operate. From dog food to your pantry, our homes contain treasure troves of food for ants. Our team of professionals can help identify the root cause of why ants continue to invade the home, combined with our best in class pest control services, and we’ll have your ants handled in no time.

Once you realize you have an ant problem, you quickly find that they are everywhere! Because of how ants establish their resource management, they are incredibly skilled at taking advantage of sources of food that they find, which lead to numerous ways ants might be getting into your home to get access to your pantry.

General Tips

  • Keep a clean kitchen and pantry
  • Elevate dog food and water, which will reduce spilling on the ground
  • Seal up food containers, or buy locking food storage containers for cereal, rice, etc
  • Check weather-stripping on all your doors and windows

When dealing with ants, we’re largely looking to take advantage of their opportunistic nature and make them look for easier places to find food.

If you have an ant problem that you can’t seem to fix, or simply want a professional treatment to take care of both the ants on the inside and outside of your home, give us a call and we’ll come right out to see you!

As part of our Advanced and Peace of Mind Pest Control Plans, you can say goodbye to any of these kinds of pests for good!

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