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Tucson’s warm climate and monsoon seasons we unfortunately also have a huge influx of unwanted house guests such as bees and wasps that love to build hives and nests in and around our homes. Bees and wasps are vital for the ecosystem, but sometimes their expansion ends up building hives or nests in and around our homes. Be aware that nearly 95% of all honeybees in Arizona have been Africanized, so you likely have not encountered a variety of bee that isn’t considered an Africanized bee. This means that they are really not any more or less dangerous than standard bees, and the same considerations need to be followed when it comes to removing them or being stung.

Trust the Professionals

The technicians at Results are here to get rid of your bees, wasps or other stinging insects for good. Whether it’s a swarm or a hive on or even in your property, our professionals will assess the situation and provide a detailed summary of the issue and how it can be resolved. We’ll work to minimize any necessary access to the structure of the building and qualify that we understand where the bees are accessing the structure. We’ll then begin complete removal and work with you so that you understand what we’re doing at every step.

It’s imperative that removal includes ensuring that another group of bees do not move into the vacated area. An amateur job of removal might just end up with another infestation within weeks and the problem starts all over again.

Do Not Wait

Have a bee problem? DO NOT WAIT! The longer you wait the more damage bees can make to your home or business. They are capable of building hives very quickly, and the spring and early summer is their most active season. Additionally if the bees are in a wall or ceiling, their hive will contain lots of material and honey that can cause structural issues, bad smells or invite other insects as well. The larger these hives get, the more difficult removal becomes.

Please do not attempt to remove bees or wasps as a home owner. Depending on the variety or aggressive nature of the hive or group of bees you are attempting to remove, this may be very dangerous. Not everyone that is allergic to bee stings are aware of how they will react. Our professionals are utilizing proper protective equipment to ensure their safety.

Get Rid of Your Bees! Professional bee removal technicians are standing by to solve your bee problem quickly and affordably.


Take advantage of our Special Promotion and receive $50 Off our bee removal services. Removal services start at $250, but can range based on the complexity of the removal or if there is a hive that must be removed from a structure.

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