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  1. How Quickly Do Termites Damage a Home?

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    Tucson is an absolute hotbed when it comes to termite activity. Our climate is simply falls into the zones that allow these pests to thrive. The type of termite that we see here in the Old Pueblo is the Desert Subterranean Termite. These are prolific insects that are capable of converting cellulose into food, which is one of the primary ingredients we use to build our homes. Here in Tucson, it’s not IF you will get termites, it’s only WHEN you will get them. Unprotected homes will eventually begin to see signs of termite activity.

    How Fast Do They Damage the Structure?

    That’s a tough question to answer because it comes down to how large the colony is that is invading the home. Colonies can house up to 15,000,000 termites on the largest sides. These types of colonies can consume up to 1 pound of wood per day, which as you can imagine can add up to serious structural damage quickly. It’s true that most colonies are not this size, but it’s not uncommon to reach 1,000,000 termites coming into the home to consume the raw materials. If you don’t notice for several weeks or months, that’s still a substantial amount of damage to the home.

    When it comes to termites, you want to assume the worst because treating them is such a lower expense than repairing structural damage in any home. Amazingly, termites are responsible tor over 5 billion damage to home owners each year according to the most recent economic statistics.

    What If My Home Isn’t a Wood Framed Structure?

    While new modern building techniques here in the Southwest include innovative products or simply replacing wood frames with metal, it isn’t enough to completely deter termites. Much of the interior materials we use are also very good food sources for termites. For example metal structures use standard drywall in most cases to create the same interior look found in just about any other home. This in itself is enough of a food source to attract termites.

    See Termites? Get an Inspection

    We recommend doing at the very least an annual inspection on your home to look for tubes that might come up from the ground around the footers of your home. These tubes are delivery tunnels that termites use to work within your home and bring food down to their colonies below in the dirt. If you notice any tubes please give us a call. We offer absolutely FREE termite inspections because our goal is to take care of these problems while they remain small and manageable. We also offer warranties to guarantee you won’t have a problem going forward.

    Please let our friendly staff know if you have any concerns would like a free inspection on your home for termites.

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