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  1. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year

    From our family here at Results Pest and Termite to yours all around Tucson and Southern Arizona – Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year as we wind down what we can all agree was a challenging 2021.  Please stay safe and healthy in this season into the new year and we’ll be looking forward to making 2022 a much better year for everyone right here in Tucson.

    Stay safe and see you in the New Year!

  2. Treating Bed Bugs in Tucson

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    Bed bugs are one of these pests that most people think other people get. One major common misconception about bed bugs is that they only show up in very dirty environments, so as long as we keep our homes tidy and clean they won’t show up. Both of these assumptions are false. Anyone can have bed bugs and they can show up in even the cleanest of homes.

    Bed bugs are incredibly resilient and because their primary food source is us, they can successfully live pretty much anywhere we can. Luckily, they are not known to spread disease, but they are absolutely a public health pest because they can be transmitted to others and they can cause other public health issues, so it’s important to pay close attention to preventing and controlling bed bugs.

    A Professional Problem

    Bed bugs require a treatment strategy. They typically can’t be managed with some chemicals from the store and good intentions. In fact, in some parts of the country they have developed resistance to pesticides. They are very specific life-cycles that require a combination of techniques to successfully deal with them and ensure they are gone for good.

    Proper Identification – bed bugs are very small. So properly identifying them to ensure you are dealing with bed bugs and not fleas, ticks or other insects is crucial. If you are not sure, please contact us today and one of our professionals can identify them for you and help you understand what the next steps look like to eliminate them.

    Don’t Be Embarrassed – Just Be Informed

    Bed bugs are not a pest that should invite embarrassment. It’s no one’s “fault” to find bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are very good hitchhikers and could have easily been picked up from a hotel room floor, airport, dry cleaner, laundromat, or even from school. Understanding that they have to be dealt with in a specific way is important to ensure you get rid of them without spreading them to anyone else or they get out of control in your home.

    Call us today at 520-413-5415 and we can help you identify and understand what to do next if you think you have a bed bug infestation.

  3. Termites in Tucson

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    There are quite a few different species of termites that exist around the world depending primarily on climate. In Tucson and around Southern Arizona, we almost exclusively see the Subterranean Termites attacking homes and structures.

    Termites are social insects that create colonies together that function by carrying out specific roles within the colony. This consists of reproductive adults, soldiers and workers. Generally speaking what we see around our homes are workers – these insects are responsible for feeding maintaining the colony, finding food, and bringing resources back into the colony.

    Subterranean Termites

    This species of termite build their colonies below ground in areas that are advantageous for food foraging. They must maintain contact with the soil to meet their livable requirements both in temperature and moisture content. termites forage through soil in search of food sources and construct mud tubes that protect them from dehydration until they can return to their colony to replenish moisture and feed other members of the colony.

    Subterranean termite colonies can grow to millions of insects over the course of 3-5 years, and are responsible for as much as a billion dollars of damage annually. Termites also work continuously 24/7. As they grow and multiply, a single colony can destroy about a one-foot section of a 2×4 over the course of five or six months.

    Identifying a Problems

    The key to ensuring that termites don’t cause a significant amount of damage to your home, early detect in is key. Termites can be incredibly active and grow very quickly. The signs that they are active luckily are typically very visible. As homes are built upon elevated foundations in standard family homes or raised mobile homes, termites have to create pathways to gain access to food so they can carry it back to the colony.

    These tunnels, or tubes, are what we look for to see if there is active termites that are gaining access to a home. Almost every type of home is susceptible because even if the certain elements of the exterior are not edible, virtually everything on the inside of a home is on the menu. For example, steel buildings still typically contain drywall interior walls with paneling baseboards, all of which are very much edible for termites.

    Prevention is KEY!

    The most cost effective way to ensure your home stays termite free is to take it off the menu completely. Termite treatments are proven to be effective at maintaining a barrier around your home. They don’t last forever however. Chemicals used to shield your home simply deteriorate over time and must be renewed every few years on average. You can trust that termite damage will cost quite a bit more than any termite treatment, so we point out that by saving a few bucks on not treating your home might end up costing you 5 times that amount to repair it. Make sure you budget in a new termite treatment every few years.

    If you can’t remember the last time you had your home treated, please consider calling us for a completely FREE home inspection. No strings attached. Our professionals can tell you if your home is termite-free, and if not we can tell you the severity and offer you a quote with options on how to proceed. We’re not happy unless you’re happy! Contact us today to learn more!