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  1. About Brown Recluse Spiders

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    Tucson Brown Recluse Extermination

    The Brown Recluse, also called a “violin spider”, is one of the more notorious spiders in the United States due to their incredibly toxic bites. Brown recluse spiders are among an elite class of spiders, like the Black Widow, whose venom can cause severe reactions and damage to humans. The Brown Recluse will live about two years, but can survive without food or water for about six months. They have long legs and light brown or tan bodies.

    Brown Recluse Venom

    The venom that these spiders employ to kill their prey is both cytotoxic and hemolytic, which means that people can have a similar reaction to a Black Widow bite, but this venom also can break down the cellular structure of the bite wound to cause even more damage to the bite area. Bites from Brown Recluse spiders are also often times completely painless at the time of the bite, but you begin seeing and feeling symptoms within hours.
    These symptoms can include:

    • severe pain at the bite site
    • severe itching
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • fever
    • and muscle pain

    Where You Find Them

    Brown Recluses live pretty much all across the United States and can survive in many climates. They’re hunters by nature, which means they do not use webs to catch insects. Which means unlike spiders like Black Widows, you don’t have the tell-tale web to indicate where they might be. They usually live in wood piles, vacant houses, basements, wall voids and any other place it can remain hidden until it begins hunting prey. They favor areas of low activity because they are actually quite shy in nature, so sheds are particular popular. While they’re not aggressive by nature, because you may not notice them due to the lack of webbing, it’s easy to accidentally grab one when moving boxes or looking in storage.

    Brown Recluse Spider Bites

    Spider Removal Tucson

    The unique nature of Brown Recluse venom means that they can have a dramatically damaging effect on human tissue. While symptoms of their bites occur within hours of being bit, the area of the bite depending on the severity, can begin to deteriorate as the venom breaks down the tissue. Wounds can become quite gruesome as they deteriorate even up to weeks after the initial bite.

    If you think you may have been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, either because of symptoms or a very odd looking discoloration around what appears to be an insect bite, we recommend seeking medical help to begin treatment as soon as possible.

    Reliable Pest Control

    If you’ve seen what appear to be spiders that match the description of a Brown Recluse in or around your Tucson home, or spiders in general that you don’t want hanging around, please contact the professionals at Results Pest & Termite today to get a free quote over the phone and our pest control technicians can keep your home pest free for that complete feeling of peace of mind knowing you don’t have dangerous insects lurking around!

  2. How to Keep Crickets Out of Your Home

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    We’re all pretty familiar with common crickets found in most Tucson homes. They’re yellowish-brown with a variety of darker markings, and they range from about 1/3 to 2/3 of an inch in length. In terms of pest classification, they’re “nuisance pests” which means they’re not dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that they are harmless either. Crickets can bring not only limited damage to a home, but they also bring with them a variety of other pests as well that find them to be plentiful sources of food, which includes spiders, scorpions and vinegarroons. These pests you want no part of in the home, so eliminating crickets from your Tucson area home is a reliable preventative measure to eliminate unwanted pests that are harmful to adults, children and pets.

    One known fact about crickets is that they have very high keratin-rich diets, meaning they can cause problems in your home by spreading pathogens, food contamination and cosmetic damage. These food sources they can find in our homes can include:

    • Furniture
    • Fabrics and clothing
    • Leather
    • Fur clothing
    • Wallpaper
    • Books and paper

    • Carpeting
    • Indoor plants
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Grain-based foods
    • Nuts and legumes

    Basic Tips

    Usually the culprits are moisture or access to food and a combination of the two. Here are a few tips to help keep crickets of your home:

    • Keep your yard cleared debris, wood, fallen leaves or weeds
    • Trim back any low hanging branches, shrubs touching your home or trees that touch your eaves
    • Eliminate thick underbrush around your home
    • Most homes in Tucson have rock, but if you have irrigation or grass, check to ensure you don’t have excessive water retention after irrigating plants
    • Check your door, window and entry seals for cracks or damage
    • Identify loose sliding doors, exposed wood, or areas that are poorly sealed around the home
    • Repair any damaged or leaking pipes around the home, including hoses and irrigation systems
    • Check for any areas that are showing excess moisture on the exterior of your home
    • Regularly sweeping, moping and clearing debris around the interior of the home, specifically in pantries and garages, provide much less available food

    Crickets are not always deterred with DIY preventative measures and in some cases you only reduce your infestation. To truly eliminate crickets and other pests from your home, calling a professional is the only move that offer reliable long term results. You’ll be surprised with how affordable reliable pest control can be! Give us a call today to see how we can help you!