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  1. Bee & Wasp Tips

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    As we’ve already covered, Bee Season is here and there is always a possibility that your home or yard end up being a perfect home for an ambitious new colony! Here are some basic tips to keep bees from causing you trouble. Some of these tips can be more important than others if you or your family members are allergic to bee stings.

    Inspect your home for gaps or cracks that may have opened up during the winter months, or that maybe you hadn’t noticed before. Bees only need a very small gap to infiltrate a cavity that they feel would be a good place for a new home. Make sure you repair any openings as soon as you can, and pay attention to see if any bees are going in and out of the opening if you don’t know how long it’s been there.

    • Wasps are a bit different in that they like to attach their nests up against a home where it’s protected by the sun, like roofing trusses. Alternatively some wasps build their nests underground very close to the surface.
    • Select areas that are away from the home to garden or plant flowers. This will simply keep bees from working directly next to your home entrances.
    • Spend some time organizing your yard. Keeping a tidy area will make it more difficult for bees to locate a suitable area to set up a new colony.
    • Look for and fill any holes that animals might have burrowed into your yard. This will help keep both bees and wasps from nesting on your property.
    • Cover your outside trash and recycling bins, preferably with sealable lids. Most of our city-provided trash or recycling has built-in covers, but if you have any large outdoor trash cans, invest a couple of dollars into tight fitting lids.

    If you do find that bees or wasps have taken up residence on your property, please don’t try and handle it yourself. Not only can this be a major health problem, but in many cases without professional treatment the problem can come right back. Give the professionals at Results a call today. We give free estimates and can confirm your bee or wasp problem. You can even ask about our bee season special for a low-cost way to keep your home bee free for good!

  2. Spring is here… and so are the Bees!

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    Tucson is really starting to warm up! Spring is upon us, which means the days are warming up and the nights are staying nice and cool. This is the kind of weather many people move to the Southwest specifically for. As nature begins to renew we’re seeing blooming flowers, leaves sprouting and the entire desert is getting wildly colorful. The result of all this beauty of course is the return of bees!

    Most of the time bees are not a problem and they can buzz around happily providing nature with much needed pollen. There are times however where bees make their homes in and around our dwellings, which can begin to cause problems.

    If a queen has set up a nest inside your home, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. The nest will grow and the problem will quite literally only get larger. It also takes a professional approach to ensure that once the bees are gone they will stay gone. Some DIY solutions end up with another colony taking residence in the now-empty nest in your home.

    Bees usually enter a home through a break in the structure that might lead them to the interior walls. Or they can easily take up residence beneath a structure which is common in mobile homes, sheds or home additions. In other cases they can gain access to crawl spaces and begin to create colonies around your rafters.

    Don’t Solve Your Problem Alone

    We understand that this might be one more thing you have to deal with, but trust us – you don’t want to get rid of a bee problem as a weekend warrior. At the very least you need the proper equipment to safely begin a bee removal project, and once it’s gone there is specialized equipment or chemicals required to sanitize the area to ensure no other bees take up residence in the now abandoned colony.

    Bee problems are very common during the Spring months in the Southwest, and we’re always running low-cost specialis to ensure that everyone can get rid of their bee problems affordably and professionally. So please give us a call today and schedule a technician right away!