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Tucson rodent control

Winter is coming faster in Tucson and the last thing we want to do is ruin the Holiday spirit with a mouse infestation! As the months get colder, mice naturally begin to seek shelter and our homes are the most readily available refuge that keeps them warm, and in my cases, also provides food. While most of the time our homes are relatively well suited to keep mice out, the garage is the most vulnerable area to infiltration.

How can I prevent mice from getting into my garage?
In order to keep mice out of your garage, you need to make sure it is unappealing to them so that they move on to better suited places. These might include:

While you can get rid of mice on your own, we do recommend professional help. Our monthly pest control customers have the peace of mind that we’re doing inspections for signs of rodents and upon finding anything we handle the situation before it becomes a real problem. Mice can breed quickly, do damage to your belongings and walls and create a very unhealthy environment quickly. Once they gain access to a garage they can more easily get access to the rest of the home so it’s important to handle these issues immediately.

Here are some solutions that you should NOT count on:

  1. Rely on essential oils or scents – Mice are highly adaptable and aren’t deterred by things like peppermint oil when they find a treasure trove of dog food they can eat in your garage.
  2. Use solutions like cayenne pepper or hot sauce as a deterrent. Again, as mice are highly adaptable, they can bypass or just outright deal with solutions like this.
  3. Rely on a cat – Yes, cats do catch mice, but they’re far from a reliable way to eliminate a mouse infestation.

Let Us Help

If you have a mouse problem, give us a call. We’re happy to help and work with you to determine how they are getting in and how best to eliminate them quickly. Just give us a call or email today and we’ll be ready to help!