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We live in the age of the internet, right? Can’t we just DIY everything since we have all the information at your fingertips? Well… sort of. These things can be somewhat true to a limited extent. You aren’t wrong in that the internet does offer a lot of information, and that you can certainly use some DIY methods to handle some of your pest problems. But to address the entire issue, consider the following:

Pest Control Companies Can Save You Time!

Tucson Pest Control

This is probably one of the top reasons people hire us to begin with. Folks are busy. We’re all providing professional goods and services that we’re experts in on our own time. At a certain point people begin to weigh the value of spending the time to research a problem, purchase tools to address that problem and the trial and error of making those solutions work.

At the end of the day someone that is dedicated to the craft of eliminating pests in your home, that technician has the skills and equipment to do the job quicker and more efficiently than a weekend warrior. No matter how you slice it, those tasks are going to cost you a good amount of time.

Pest Control Professionals Save You Money

There are two myths that we’re addressing with this point.

The first myth is that pest control is expensive. Professional pest control right here in Tucson, provided by local technicians, can easily cost under $50 a month. That’s typically less than you spend on dinner for two one night a month. We feel that to maintain a pest free home that you never have to mess with is a incredibly good value.

The second myth is DIY solutions are free (or inexpensive). Most likely at a minimum you will need to begin purchasing products that can actually address your pest issue, be it scorpions, mice, spiders or termites. These are not always cheap. Realize also that these DIY products that are offered are less effective residential versions of commercial products that only professionals have access to. Before you even start, you’re using products that are less effective due to residential sales restrictions. You might spend more on products alone than our monthly pest control bill, and that doesn’t count the time involved to apply this product to your home and see if it worked.

Focus on Prevention

Results Pest & Termite is going to focus on prevention as much as elimination. We can identify potential issues immediately to help homeowners decrease potential problems before they are causing any real major issues.

DIY Pest Control At Worst is Costly and Ineffective. Moreover, It can be Dangerous

We understand that when some homeowners see a problem, the first instinct is to do a little research and fix the issue. DIY solutions however suffer from a lot of misinformation just simply due to the sheer amount of content available online. You could spend hours on forums researching solutions given by other DIY’ers, much of which could be completely inaccurate.

It’s very important that you read, understand and follow the instructions closely for pest control products. They are after all, designed to kill insects. Misused, they can be harmful to pets and children. Also, insects are able to develop resistance to some pest control products and not others. Professionals know when and where it is appropriate to apply alternative products and are knowledgeable about where and how much product is safe to apply.

The Bottom Line

I think that by doing the math and looking at the cost and time investment, the sensible approach is to engage a company like Results Pest & Termite to handle your pest control needs that are backed by a money-back guarantee, give you peace of mind, and give you those precious hours back. Give us a call today and we’d love to show you why so many of our customers are recommending that their friends do exactly that!

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