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If you have ants, roaches, mice, spiders, scorpions or any other creepy crawly found here in Tucson, it might be tempting to take care of matters yourself. Afterall, how hard can it be, right? We’re DIY people ourselves and while we love a great Do-It-Yourself project, we don’t recommend pest control for two major reasons: long-term success and actual savings.

Long Term Results

Our pest control experts go through a lot of training to effectively identify and treat pest problems. This includes pest life cycles, geographical knowledge, pest habits, identification, and techniques that are effective against one pest and not another. A professional will know exactly where a problem needs to be handled and use the right equipment or products to handle that situation.

DIY solutions also don’t typically provide long term results primarily of lack of consistency and lack of correct product usage. As a homeowner, you can be pulled in a lot of directions not including vacation and hectic work schedules. Inconsistent treatment equates to bug problems.

Products Matter

There is a huge difference between residentially available products and what types of products are available to licensed professionals. Even “high end” DYI stores don’t carry everything a trained professional has access to. Along with this higher grade product comes the knowledge to use it properly and apply it in a systematic way that leads to long-term effectiveness.


You need both knowledge and the right products to protect your home from bugs. After you’ve spent the time to research how to properly manage your pests, you are now continually treating your home and purchasing enough products to handle the job. By the time you factor in your time, mileage and products, the savings are minimal. Because pest control companies like Results Pest and Termite provide consistent pest control at an extremely competitive price, we invite you to make the comparison and we think you’ll realize that getting professional pest management is not only a great value but also peace of mind.