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Results Pest & Termite is a locally owned and operated pest management provider that has been proudly serving the Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, Marana and Green Valley areas for over 30 years! Our focus on high quality exterminating products and techniques plus our best in class customer service continues to be why we’re continually one of the highest rated Tucson exterminating companies you’ll find. Our experienced pest control technicians help thousands of people just like you get pest free and STAY THAT WAY!

When you need pest extermination results, then you need to call us today for total pest management or completely FREE termite inspections. All of your common pests, we do it all! From ant extermination to scorpion extermination, our honest and reliable experts have you covered!






Tucson Scorpion Control

Our Customers Don't Have Scorpion Problems - Scorpions Have a Results Pest Control Problem!

Scorpions can be notoriously difficult to eliminate in a desert climate like Tucson. The reason is that they have adapted to survive very harsh environments. They are also not communal in nature, so there is no den or nest to seek out. We work to eliminate scorpions from your home but we also put in place measures to ensure they don’t make it into the home to begin with.

You don’t have to live with scorpions any longer – just give us a call today!

Our Combination of Synthetic and Natural Treatments Will Kill Your Bedbugs for Good!

Think you might have Bed Bugs? Then you need professional help! Bedbugs are incredibly difficult to treat and require both specialized products and proven pest control techniques to get rid of for good. Luckily, Results is your Tucson Bedbug Expert! We use a revolutionary pest control formulas that are environmentally friendly and family safe can completely eradicate your bedbug infestation in one single treatment. Our process is non-chemical, odorless, and requires almost no preparation. Combine it with our Bed Bug Heat treatment for an effective, long lasting, and eco-friendly experience.

Take care of bedbugs today with one simple phone call.

Tucson Bed Bug Control
Tucson Termite Control Experts

Termites Cause an Average of $3,000 in Damage to a Typical Home. Don't Let This Be You!

If you think you might have termites, or are simply not sure because you can’t remember the last time you got a termite treatment, we recommend that you call us today for a completely FREE termite inspection. It’s never a question of “if” but rather “when” you will find termites attacking your home in Tucson. Do the smart thing and invest in preventative measures right now.

Just give us a call today and we’ll get a professional out immediately.

Get Rid of Spiders Today!

Most of the time spiders are coming into your home because your home or property is a great food supply to sustain them. Our approach to Tucson Pest Control is to treat both the problem and the symptom. As you remove other unwanted pests around your home, then you naturally see these types of pests stay away because it’s not longer a viable place for them to live.

While many spiders are not all that dangerous to humans, there are some incredibly nasty spiders such as Black Widows and Brown Recluses we have here in the Southwest that can cause great harm to adults, children and pets.

Tucson Bee & Wasp Removal Experts

Bees and wasps here in the Southwest are normally just fine to go about their business to help our natural habitat thrive. However in some cases these stinging insects actually begin to build their homes right inside of ours. While in some cases you may want to relocate beehives that are on your property, once they have constructed a colony inside a home or garage you must take professional steps to remove them and keep new colonies from moving in.

Results also offers Tucson Bee Removal to rid your home of growing bee or wasp colonies that can quickly spread and cause serious structural damage to your home.