How Bad are Scorpion Stings?


Scorpions are insects in Tucson that elicit in most people a visceral response! We don’t want to be near them and we absolutely do not want them in our homes, which is why Scorpion Control is a big deal in this part of Southern Arizona. There are two species of scorpion that are typically found here – the giant desert hairy scorpion and the bark scorpion. Unfortunately, the bark scorpion which is fairly common around Tucson homes has a much more painful sting and can be more dangerous for humans and pets. While you don’t want to get stung by either species, take measures to avoid the smaller varieties if at all possible.

Keeping Your Home Scorpion Free

While it’s nearly impossible to guarantee that a scorpion will not end up in your home or garage (especially depending on what area in Tucson you live in), there are ways to mitigate their presence.

  • Maintain the weather stripping on your doors. Scorpions can slip through the smallest of cracks. As the weather stripping and guard of your doorway wears out over time, it introduces small cracks that can allow scorpions into the home.
  • Keep areas around your home dry. Moisture attracts scorpions as they are desert dwellers and moisture creates an ideal environment for them to live and hunt.
  • Maintain a pest-free home. The smaller you can keep a food supply for scorpions, the less they will show up.
  • Keep your home free of clutter – they love areas they can hide near baseboards and around your floor


Getting in Close!

One of our very own local Sonoran Desert adventurers, Coyote Peterson, has content dedicated to learning about the animals and insects found around the world. One of the more popular categories is insect stings. Enjoy an up-close vantage point of a local Tucson scorpion sting if you dare!




Call in the Pros!

If you have what you would consider a “scorpion problem” where you just can’t seem to keep them out of the home, you are not alone! They are notoriously difficult to manage and are incredibly resilient. Sometimes you just need a little professional help! You can call in the pros from Results Pest & Termite to provide a free quote and even save money by signing up with one of our pest control subscriptions that keeps your home pest free for good! Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a pest control visit!