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Red imported fire ants are an invasive species found throughout the Southwest. Ant problems are a common issue that thousands of Tucson homeowners just like you face every year. Fire ants are particularly troublesome pests are known for inflicting multiple, excruciating stings. There is a short informative video below that can help you understand these pests a little better:

If you see what might look like a fire ant nest, do not disturb it. A typical colony can contain between 100,000 and 500,000 fire ants. That means there is a huge number of ants ready to defend the colony and will instantly mobilize to attack any threat that is nearby.

Fire ants are usually found outside but can also make their way into the home through utility entry points or damage to the exterior of the home.

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The normal response for Tucson homeowners is to start tackling the problem on their own. The truth is that hundreds of people end up going to the hospital every year for insect stings. In minor cases this includes treating pain and swelling. In more serious cases these stings can cause an allergic reaction. We recommend you let the pros handle your ant extermination problems. Our trained professionals can help you eliminate the ants and we can work with you to help fortify your home so that this isn’t an issue you have to face any longer!