Monsoon Rains Are Coming – Be Prepared


As we all know in Tucson, the rain is coming!  We’re coming up to that point where the Monsoon is right around the corner.  It’s important to prepare not only to ensure that the rain won’t cause damage to your home, but also not be an ideal spot for pests to hang out with the addition of one of our most precious resources: water!

The Tucson desert is a harsh place.  And thus the monsoon provides the baseline for pests to flourish as it brings in the resource that is normally scarce in our climate.  When the rains come, many insects begin their breeding and expansion activities because they are able to rapidly expand their


This is probably the most annoying addition that most homeowners are aware of.  This is when mosquitoes begin showing up and putting a wet blanket on backyard get-togethers.  Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.  The most straight forward thing to do as a responsible homeowner is to ensure there are no areas around your home or debris that may allow water to pool during the rain.  Any lasting moisture should be able to evaporate or drain quickly and leave no standing pools of water around your home.

Results Pest and Termite also provides specialized mosquito control techniques that kill mosquito eggs and stop the cycle before your yard becomes infested.


You may not know this, but termites utilize the wet areas around a home to find the ideal spot to begin setting up shop and invading a new home.  This is the time of year you’ll begin to see the tell-tale tunnels termites use to move from the soil up into the home.  Make sure you inspect your home for drainage to ensure that water falls off properly and does not pool around your home.

Then doing a simple visual inspection of the home is vital to make sure that you don’t have any new termite activity with the influx of water around your home.  Catching these kinds of things early is essential to limit any damage to your home.

Flying Ants

Another issue many Tucson homes face is the invasion of flying ants during a monsoon storm as they try and escape the rain.  Making a visual inspection of your doors, windows, sliding glass doors and garage door to ensure that they are sealed properly will go a long way to keep flying ants out of your home.