Seeing an Increase in Tucson Bugs and Pests?


Tucson is known to have pretty big seasonal shifts – extreme heat leading into intense rains followed by very moderate weather create pretty substantial shifts in what kinds of bugs and pests we see in and around our homes. Once the rains come, that provides a huge additional resource that all pests need to thrive. With water, they typically begun the cycle to proliferate, set up new nests and homes, and identify places they can build. That is unfortunate for Tucson homeowners, but with the help of professionals like Results Pest and Termite, we can help you stay pest free!


We offer pest control subscriptions that can keep your home pest free for that ultimate sense of peace of mind – our friendly and respectful technicians make regular scheduled visits to your home to treat and find out if you’re having any specific issues. We can also bundle in other services like weed control for an affordable price!

Singular Treatments

If you need a single treatment to handle an infestation, we have your back! While these are inherently not going to be as effective as an ongoing pest control subscription, our expertise will eliminate your pest problem and our technicians can give you guidance on how best you can keep those same pests from coming back.

Specialty Pests

Have an even bigger problem that needs specialized attention? These types of pests include Bed Bugs, Bees, and Termites. Both of these types of pests are not something that a weekend warrior wants to try and tackle. They require specialized knowledge and equipment to handle. We offer 100% free inspections to ensure we can identify your pest problem and give you options to eliminate these problems for good.

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