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If you live in Arizona, then you probably struggle with keeping a weed free yard. The Sonoran Desert contains some of the most resilient plant species on the planet because of our unique eco-system. Unfortunately, these incredibly hardy plants are an eye sore on landscaping! Results Pest and Termite isn’t just Tucson’s go-to provider for keeping bugs out of your house, we consider weeds to be just as much as a nuisance and we’re here to solve your problem!

The reality is that weeds will never simply go away. It’s an ongoing problem that we all deal with your own time or you pay a professional to keep the area pristine.

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Professional Tucson Weed Control for Existing Customers

Weeds managed professionally will typically always yield better and more consistent results. This is due to our knowledge on weed cycles and consistency in treatments based on the season. Regular timed maintenance is key to weed control, which is far more difficult to do as a do-it-yourselfer. Our monthly weed control involves both pre-emergent application and post-emergent application because weeds grow, develop and germinate in specific ways that are predictable and preventable. These include:


  • Total area liquid saturation
  • Little to no odor and non-staining
  • Will not kill existing plants
  • This step stops weed germination, but will not kill existing weeds


  • Rain-proof once the product dries
  • Topical treatment done on existing weeds, which is absorbed into the leaves, stems and roots
  • Only applied directly to weeds and will begin effecting them in 3-5 days
  • Color temporary to ensure coverage, and will fade within a couple days

Get the Weed Free Yard You’ve Always Wanted!

Please note that we only offer weed services as an add-on for existing Pest Control customers. If you are interested in whole-home Pest Control PLUS Weed Control, we would love to hear from you!

Get connected with our weed control experts today and get an ongoing service that can take the hassle out of dealing with weeds for your yard. We can offer a stand-alone weed treatment service or we can bundle our services with pest control to make a truly unbeatable price to keep your house literally pest free.

We’re ready to help you today – just give us a call or send us an email using the form on this page and we will schedule an appointment today!