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A lot of us remember the days when reports of “Africanized Bees” filled the media. Even though the focus has dropped off, the reality today is that most of the bees we encounter on a daily basis are considered “Africanized”. This essentially means that they are potentially far more aggressive if they feel threatened. In fact, over the years we continue to see increases in bee activity.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that between 2000 and 2017, insect stings, in general, have been on the rise, accounting for 1,109 deaths in that period. In 2017, the latest year with data, 89 people were killed from insect stings, the most since 2005.

It’s especially notable here in Tucson that after our wet monsoon or winter storm seasons we see a huge increase in bee activity as they have far more resources to build their colonies. This is the time that we begin to see hives begin to really flourish. Be very aware of your surroundings when working in your yard during these months.

Based on advice from experts from the Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association, in the event you might trigger a bee attack:

Results Pest and Termite provide Bee Removal to Tucson homes that is fast, affordable and effective. If you notice a swarm that has taken residence on your property or an increase in bee activity around your home, we recommend you call an expert to assess your options. Stay safe out there and if you suspect you might have a bee problem, please Call Today and we’ll be happy to come out and walk you through the next steps.