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  1. Spring is here… and so are the Bees!

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    Tucson is really starting to warm up! Spring is upon us, which means the days are warming up and the nights are staying nice and cool. This is the kind of weather many people move to the Southwest specifically for. As nature begins to renew we’re seeing blooming flowers, leaves sprouting and the entire desert is getting wildly colorful. The result of all this beauty of course is the return of bees!

    Most of the time bees are not a problem and they can buzz around happily providing nature with much needed pollen. There are times however where bees make their homes in and around our dwellings, which can begin to cause problems.

    If a queen has set up a nest inside your home, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. The nest will grow and the problem will quite literally only get larger. It also takes a professional approach to ensure that once the bees are gone they will stay gone. Some DIY solutions end up with another colony taking residence in the now-empty nest in your home.

    Bees usually enter a home through a break in the structure that might lead them to the interior walls. Or they can easily take up residence beneath a structure which is common in mobile homes, sheds or home additions. In other cases they can gain access to crawl spaces and begin to create colonies around your rafters.

    Don’t Solve Your Problem Alone

    We understand that this might be one more thing you have to deal with, but trust us – you don’t want to get rid of a bee problem as a weekend warrior. At the very least you need the proper equipment to safely begin a bee removal project, and once it’s gone there is specialized equipment or chemicals required to sanitize the area to ensure no other bees take up residence in the now abandoned colony.

    Bee problems are very common during the Spring months in the Southwest, and we’re always running low-cost specialis to ensure that everyone can get rid of their bee problems affordably and professionally. So please give us a call today and schedule a technician right away!

  2. About Brown Recluse Spiders

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    Tucson Brown Recluse Extermination

    The Brown Recluse, also called a “violin spider”, is one of the more notorious spiders in the United States due to their incredibly toxic bites. Brown recluse spiders are among an elite class of spiders, like the Black Widow, whose venom can cause severe reactions and damage to humans. The Brown Recluse will live about two years, but can survive without food or water for about six months. They have long legs and light brown or tan bodies.

    Brown Recluse Venom

    The venom that these spiders employ to kill their prey is both cytotoxic and hemolytic, which means that people can have a similar reaction to a Black Widow bite, but this venom also can break down the cellular structure of the bite wound to cause even more damage to the bite area. Bites from Brown Recluse spiders are also often times completely painless at the time of the bite, but you begin seeing and feeling symptoms within hours.
    These symptoms can include:

    • severe pain at the bite site
    • severe itching
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • fever
    • and muscle pain

    Where You Find Them

    Brown Recluses live pretty much all across the United States and can survive in many climates. They’re hunters by nature, which means they do not use webs to catch insects. Which means unlike spiders like Black Widows, you don’t have the tell-tale web to indicate where they might be. They usually live in wood piles, vacant houses, basements, wall voids and any other place it can remain hidden until it begins hunting prey. They favor areas of low activity because they are actually quite shy in nature, so sheds are particular popular. While they’re not aggressive by nature, because you may not notice them due to the lack of webbing, it’s easy to accidentally grab one when moving boxes or looking in storage.

    Brown Recluse Spider Bites

    Spider Removal Tucson

    The unique nature of Brown Recluse venom means that they can have a dramatically damaging effect on human tissue. While symptoms of their bites occur within hours of being bit, the area of the bite depending on the severity, can begin to deteriorate as the venom breaks down the tissue. Wounds can become quite gruesome as they deteriorate even up to weeks after the initial bite.

    If you think you may have been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, either because of symptoms or a very odd looking discoloration around what appears to be an insect bite, we recommend seeking medical help to begin treatment as soon as possible.

    Reliable Pest Control

    If you’ve seen what appear to be spiders that match the description of a Brown Recluse in or around your Tucson home, or spiders in general that you don’t want hanging around, please contact the professionals at Results Pest & Termite today to get a free quote over the phone and our pest control technicians can keep your home pest free for that complete feeling of peace of mind knowing you don’t have dangerous insects lurking around!

  3. Why Hire a Pest Control Professional

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    We live in the age of the internet, right? Can’t we just DIY everything since we have all the information at your fingertips? Well… sort of. These things can be somewhat true to a limited extent. You aren’t wrong in that the internet does offer a lot of information, and that you can certainly use some DIY methods to handle some of your pest problems. But to address the entire issue, consider the following:

    Pest Control Companies Can Save You Time!

    Tucson Pest Control

    This is probably one of the top reasons people hire us to begin with. Folks are busy. We’re all providing professional goods and services that we’re experts in on our own time. At a certain point people begin to weigh the value of spending the time to research a problem, purchase tools to address that problem and the trial and error of making those solutions work.

    At the end of the day someone that is dedicated to the craft of eliminating pests in your home, that technician has the skills and equipment to do the job quicker and more efficiently than a weekend warrior. No matter how you slice it, those tasks are going to cost you a good amount of time.

    Pest Control Professionals Save You Money

    There are two myths that we’re addressing with this point.

    The first myth is that pest control is expensive. Professional pest control right here in Tucson, provided by local technicians, can easily cost under $50 a month. That’s typically less than you spend on dinner for two one night a month. We feel that to maintain a pest free home that you never have to mess with is a incredibly good value.

    The second myth is DIY solutions are free (or inexpensive). Most likely at a minimum you will need to begin purchasing products that can actually address your pest issue, be it scorpions, mice, spiders or termites. These are not always cheap. Realize also that these DIY products that are offered are less effective residential versions of commercial products that only professionals have access to. Before you even start, you’re using products that are less effective due to residential sales restrictions. You might spend more on products alone than our monthly pest control bill, and that doesn’t count the time involved to apply this product to your home and see if it worked.

    Focus on Prevention

    Results Pest & Termite is going to focus on prevention as much as elimination. We can identify potential issues immediately to help homeowners decrease potential problems before they are causing any real major issues.

    DIY Pest Control At Worst is Costly and Ineffective. Moreover, It can be Dangerous

    We understand that when some homeowners see a problem, the first instinct is to do a little research and fix the issue. DIY solutions however suffer from a lot of misinformation just simply due to the sheer amount of content available online. You could spend hours on forums researching solutions given by other DIY’ers, much of which could be completely inaccurate.

    It’s very important that you read, understand and follow the instructions closely for pest control products. They are after all, designed to kill insects. Misused, they can be harmful to pets and children. Also, insects are able to develop resistance to some pest control products and not others. Professionals know when and where it is appropriate to apply alternative products and are knowledgeable about where and how much product is safe to apply.

    The Bottom Line

    I think that by doing the math and looking at the cost and time investment, the sensible approach is to engage a company like Results Pest & Termite to handle your pest control needs that are backed by a money-back guarantee, give you peace of mind, and give you those precious hours back. Give us a call today and we’d love to show you why so many of our customers are recommending that their friends do exactly that!

    Reach Out Today!

  4. Are You Welcoming Pests into Your Home?

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    As pest control professionals, one thing that we continually see as we service Tucson area homes is that many times home owners are unknowingly rolling out the red carpet for unwanted pests like scorpions, termites, ants and other insects. When it comes to the exterior of your home, what a homeowner needs to realize is that in areas like the Southwest and specifically around the Tucson area, water is one of the more sought after resources for insects. In other parts of the US, water is far more abundant and thus breeds a different type of pest. Our climate however has encouraged the development of extremely hardy and resilient bugs, like termites.

    This can take the form of irrigation providing additional moisture to the ground around your home, specifically in flower beds or plants that are right against the foundation. Mulch is also a culprit because it’s designed to retain moisture to allow better garden growth and provides a great source of moisture to termites. Once these types of areas provide a great source of food and water to termites, colonies begin forming pretty quickly and that’s when they see your home as the next thing on the menu.

    It’s not uncommon for example to see an homes that are constantly struggling with massive numbers of mosquitoes. It doesn’t take long to start spotting areas where homeowners allow standing water to become prolific breeding grounds for mosquitoes. At Results, we look for these types of signs and in addition to treating the area to ensure that eggs can’t hatch to become future pests, we work to help educate homeowners to watch out for areas that water can collect from rains or irrigation to minimize opportunities.

    Poorly insulated doorways, windows and dog doors are open invitations for ants, cockroaches, crickets and other small insects to come into the home and use your house as a source of food. And when these insects invade the home, you begin to see the addition of spiders and scorpions follow because they also follow the best pathway to plentiful food sources.

    Pest Management is about a combination of common sense changes you can do as a homeowner combined with the knowledge, equipment and techniques that professionals like Results Pest & Termite can bring to your home to keep you pest free. Together, we create a protective barrier that rids your home of pests for good! If this is the type of service that you think would benefit your home, Reach Out Today! and one of our pest control professionals can help you solve your pest problems today!

  5. Treating Bed Bugs in Tucson

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    Bed bugs are one of these pests that most people think other people get. One major common misconception about bed bugs is that they only show up in very dirty environments, so as long as we keep our homes tidy and clean they won’t show up. Both of these assumptions are false. Anyone can have bed bugs and they can show up in even the cleanest of homes.

    Bed bugs are incredibly resilient and because their primary food source is us, they can successfully live pretty much anywhere we can. Luckily, they are not known to spread disease, but they are absolutely a public health pest because they can be transmitted to others and they can cause other public health issues, so it’s important to pay close attention to preventing and controlling bed bugs.

    A Professional Problem

    Bed bugs require a treatment strategy. They typically can’t be managed with some chemicals from the store and good intentions. In fact, in some parts of the country they have developed resistance to pesticides. They are very specific life-cycles that require a combination of techniques to successfully deal with them and ensure they are gone for good.

    Proper Identification – bed bugs are very small. So properly identifying them to ensure you are dealing with bed bugs and not fleas, ticks or other insects is crucial. If you are not sure, please contact us today and one of our professionals can identify them for you and help you understand what the next steps look like to eliminate them.

    Don’t Be Embarrassed – Just Be Informed

    Bed bugs are not a pest that should invite embarrassment. It’s no one’s “fault” to find bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are very good hitchhikers and could have easily been picked up from a hotel room floor, airport, dry cleaner, laundromat, or even from school. Understanding that they have to be dealt with in a specific way is important to ensure you get rid of them without spreading them to anyone else or they get out of control in your home.

    Call us today at 520-413-5415 and we can help you identify and understand what to do next if you think you have a bed bug infestation.

  6. Termites in Tucson

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    There are quite a few different species of termites that exist around the world depending primarily on climate. In Tucson and around Southern Arizona, we almost exclusively see the Subterranean Termites attacking homes and structures.

    Termites are social insects that create colonies together that function by carrying out specific roles within the colony. This consists of reproductive adults, soldiers and workers. Generally speaking what we see around our homes are workers – these insects are responsible for feeding maintaining the colony, finding food, and bringing resources back into the colony.

    Subterranean Termites

    This species of termite build their colonies below ground in areas that are advantageous for food foraging. They must maintain contact with the soil to meet their livable requirements both in temperature and moisture content. termites forage through soil in search of food sources and construct mud tubes that protect them from dehydration until they can return to their colony to replenish moisture and feed other members of the colony.

    Subterranean termite colonies can grow to millions of insects over the course of 3-5 years, and are responsible for as much as a billion dollars of damage annually. Termites also work continuously 24/7. As they grow and multiply, a single colony can destroy about a one-foot section of a 2×4 over the course of five or six months.

    Identifying a Problems

    The key to ensuring that termites don’t cause a significant amount of damage to your home, early detect in is key. Termites can be incredibly active and grow very quickly. The signs that they are active luckily are typically very visible. As homes are built upon elevated foundations in standard family homes or raised mobile homes, termites have to create pathways to gain access to food so they can carry it back to the colony.

    These tunnels, or tubes, are what we look for to see if there is active termites that are gaining access to a home. Almost every type of home is susceptible because even if the certain elements of the exterior are not edible, virtually everything on the inside of a home is on the menu. For example, steel buildings still typically contain drywall interior walls with paneling baseboards, all of which are very much edible for termites.

    Prevention is KEY!

    The most cost effective way to ensure your home stays termite free is to take it off the menu completely. Termite treatments are proven to be effective at maintaining a barrier around your home. They don’t last forever however. Chemicals used to shield your home simply deteriorate over time and must be renewed every few years on average. You can trust that termite damage will cost quite a bit more than any termite treatment, so we point out that by saving a few bucks on not treating your home might end up costing you 5 times that amount to repair it. Make sure you budget in a new termite treatment every few years.

    If you can’t remember the last time you had your home treated, please consider calling us for a completely FREE home inspection. No strings attached. Our professionals can tell you if your home is termite-free, and if not we can tell you the severity and offer you a quote with options on how to proceed. We’re not happy unless you’re happy! Contact us today to learn more!

  7. Common Types of Roaches

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    While there are a number of different cockroach species, there are only two types that those living in Tucson will usually encounter.

    Tucson Roach Control

    The German Cockroach

    German roaches are the most common species found in most homes. They are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms because they prefer humid, warm areas and thrive on fermented food. German cockroaches are exclusively indoors and rely on humans for their survival. Adults are brown in colorbred with two stripes running down their backs. German cockroaches are widely believed to spread numerous diseases, even typhoid and dysentery.

    Tucson Cockroach Exterminator

    The American Cockroach

    The American Cockroach lives mostly outdoors in moist, shady areas but can also be found frequently in garages, industrial areas, large buildings and commercial properties. They invade homes usually after heavy rains, such as the monsoon season we experience in Tucson. These are the larger species that can grow up to an inch-and-a-half and they feed on decaying organic matter. They’re scavengers by nature, but will eat anything that can keep them alive.

    Because of their diet of decaying matter and time spent in sewers and drains, this cockroach species has been known to transmit bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

    Treating Cockroaches

    A variety of pest control methods are usually required to handle a frequent number of cockroaches in and around the home. Roaches flourish where they can find food and water, and unfortunately our homes are the easiest way for them to access both in a climate that they thrive in.

    Keeping your pantry tidy and ensure you don’t have frequent spilled drinks or open food containers are an essential key to keeping roaches away.

    Next, bait traps are good way for home owners to begin catching roaches in places like garages or bathrooms. Ideally this isn’t a long term solution because at some point you are seeking professional ongoing bug treatment options so that this isn’t necessary.

    Finally, having an ongoing pest control professional that provides an ongoing layer of protection in and around your home can guarantee you can say goodbye to roaches altogether. As a customer of Results, you can sleep easy that your home remains pest free! Want to learn more? Just give us a call or email!

  8. How to Keep Mice Out of Your Home

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    Mice are a small animal that can be cause a big problem for some homeowners. They typically enter the home through cracks and holes in the foundation, or where there are gaps or rotten wood where siding has begun to deteriorate. Another common place for them to enter the home is through the garage which can be more accessible than the house itself. Mice can fit through small gaps than you might think possible, so even very small openings can potentially lead to an infestation.

    Stucco homes also can contain holes or gaps where the structure meets the garage, which can lead mice up into attic areas of some homes.

    Typically homeowners will see infestations around the Fall as temperatures drop and can set up in a comfortable home rather quickly. We once had a report that a homeowner caught up to 36 mice in a single weekend once they realized they had an infestation! The primary health issue with common house mice is their droppings and urine as they venture out from their homes looking for food.

    A more difficult common species found around Tucson however is the Pack Rat. These rodents in addition to creating a very unsanitary area where they set up their burrows, are known to cause an incredibly high amount of damage. They primarily damage electrical equipment including cars, vans, trucks, yard equipment and even interior wiring. They can do thousands of dollars of damage in a single night.

    Prevention is primarily an exercise in vigilance and common sense. Routine inspections around your home to ensure there are no structural gaps, cracks, wood rot, or obvious entry points into the home or garage is crucial. Make sure also that trees and bushes do not create a logical pathway to the rooftop of your home.

    Take the time to inspect your weatherproofing efforts, especially around garage doors in addition to ventilation sources. Check your attic spaces regularly for droppings or other signs that mice have created a home above you. Lastly, do not leave vehicles outside at night if at all possible. If you are using your garage for storage, it might be time to think about a yard sale or setting up a 3rd party storage solution. While there are gadgets that can help keep Pack Rats at bay, keeping cars and trucks inside your garage is the only way to absolutely guarantee you won’t wake up in the morning with an electrical nightmare waiting for you as you try and start the engine.

  9. Why It’s Important to Hire Pest Control Professionals

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    If you have ants, roaches, mice, spiders, scorpions or any other creepy crawly found here in Tucson, it might be tempting to take care of matters yourself. Afterall, how hard can it be, right? We’re DIY people ourselves and while we love a great Do-It-Yourself project, we don’t recommend pest control for two major reasons: long-term success and actual savings.

    Long Term Results

    Our pest control experts go through a lot of training to effectively identify and treat pest problems. This includes pest life cycles, geographical knowledge, pest habits, identification, and techniques that are effective against one pest and not another. A professional will know exactly where a problem needs to be handled and use the right equipment or products to handle that situation.

    DIY solutions also don’t typically provide long term results primarily of lack of consistency and lack of correct product usage. As a homeowner, you can be pulled in a lot of directions not including vacation and hectic work schedules. Inconsistent treatment equates to bug problems.

    Products Matter

    There is a huge difference between residentially available products and what types of products are available to licensed professionals. Even “high end” DYI stores don’t carry everything a trained professional has access to. Along with this higher grade product comes the knowledge to use it properly and apply it in a systematic way that leads to long-term effectiveness.


    You need both knowledge and the right products to protect your home from bugs. After you’ve spent the time to research how to properly manage your pests, you are now continually treating your home and purchasing enough products to handle the job. By the time you factor in your time, mileage and products, the savings are minimal. Because pest control companies like Results Pest and Termite provide consistent pest control at an extremely competitive price, we invite you to make the comparison and we think you’ll realize that getting professional pest management is not only a great value but also peace of mind.

  10. How Quickly Do Termites Damage a Home?

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    Tucson is an absolute hotbed when it comes to termite activity. Our climate is simply falls into the zones that allow these pests to thrive. The type of termite that we see here in the Old Pueblo is the Desert Subterranean Termite. These are prolific insects that are capable of converting cellulose into food, which is one of the primary ingredients we use to build our homes. Here in Tucson, it’s not IF you will get termites, it’s only WHEN you will get them. Unprotected homes will eventually begin to see signs of termite activity.

    How Fast Do They Damage the Structure?

    That’s a tough question to answer because it comes down to how large the colony is that is invading the home. Colonies can house up to 15,000,000 termites on the largest sides. These types of colonies can consume up to 1 pound of wood per day, which as you can imagine can add up to serious structural damage quickly. It’s true that most colonies are not this size, but it’s not uncommon to reach 1,000,000 termites coming into the home to consume the raw materials. If you don’t notice for several weeks or months, that’s still a substantial amount of damage to the home.

    When it comes to termites, you want to assume the worst because treating them is such a lower expense than repairing structural damage in any home. Amazingly, termites are responsible tor over 5 billion damage to home owners each year according to the most recent economic statistics.

    What If My Home Isn’t a Wood Framed Structure?

    While new modern building techniques here in the Southwest include innovative products or simply replacing wood frames with metal, it isn’t enough to completely deter termites. Much of the interior materials we use are also very good food sources for termites. For example metal structures use standard drywall in most cases to create the same interior look found in just about any other home. This in itself is enough of a food source to attract termites.

    See Termites? Get an Inspection

    We recommend doing at the very least an annual inspection on your home to look for tubes that might come up from the ground around the footers of your home. These tubes are delivery tunnels that termites use to work within your home and bring food down to their colonies below in the dirt. If you notice any tubes please give us a call. We offer absolutely FREE termite inspections because our goal is to take care of these problems while they remain small and manageable. We also offer warranties to guarantee you won’t have a problem going forward.

    Please let our friendly staff know if you have any concerns would like a free inspection on your home for termites.

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